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Year 2 SATs Information Evening

Year 2 SATs Workshop

On Wednesday 25th September, Miss Ring and the Year 2 team hosted a very successful KS1 Workshop for the Year 2 parents and carers. The workshop was designed to provide parents and carers with important information regarding the KS1 SATs that are undertaken within Year 2.

Within this workshop, parents were provided with an in depth look in to the Reading, Writing and Maths curriculum covered within Year 2 and the importance placed on the teaching, learning and assessment throughout the whole year which will support teachers making judgements for the end of KS1 results. Parents were also shown examples of what KS1 test papers look like to enable them to be exposed to the types of questions they may come across and how they can support their parents in understanding and answering such questions.

We thank all the parents and carers who took time out of their day to come along to the workshop and take on board knowledge and skills that will help their children continue to thrive. We can see from the positive feedback that you found it invaluable. In case you missed the workshop, please see the powerpoint presentation within this article.

As always, if you have any further questions please speak to your child’s teacher.