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Wellbeing News

Do you need support? Click here for the Marlborough Wellbeing Directory 


Here are some of the events and activities that our wellbeing champions have been up to. 


Wellbeing Award for Schools 

Marlborough Primary School has recently committed to working towards achieving the Wellbeing Award for Schools. Developed in partnership with the National Children’s Bureau (NCB), the WAS is intended to help us prepare and equip ourselves to promote emotional wellbeing and positive mental health across the whole-school community. Find out more here

Mini Mentors 

Our wonderful Mini Mentors have been busy supporting other pupils with their wellbeing. They are now the 'Guardians of the Emojis' and are responisble for asking classmates how they are. Following a series of assemblies and workshops, our Mini Mentors have been checking on everyone's understanding of wellbeing. 

They have also launched a poster competition that will be award with wellbeing prizes. The brief is 'feeling good in mind and body'. 


Harrow Schools: Thriving Emotionally and Mentally Forum 

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing, Marlborough Primary School proudly hosted the first Mental Health Forum in harrow for local schools and services aptly named ‘HS:TEAM’ (Harrow Schools: Thriving Emotionally and Mentally). The forum provided an opportunity for professionals in the local area to further raise awareness of mental health issues within the borough and share good practice. We plan to hold the forum termly so that we can all work collaboratively towards a mutual end goal: improving the support we provide for children’s mental health and wellbeing. It was a huge success for all parties involved and we look forward to hosting the next forum.

 Here’s some of the feedback from the day:

  • Great opportunity to start talking about plans and start thinking about next steps
  • Lots of new resources and great work being done
  • Some great ideas to try out at school for children, staff and parents
  • I have more knowledge and understanding of signposting
  • I have gained skills and confidence to help children understand their MH​


Find out more about how pupils in years 5 and 6 have become Little Life Savers 

Here is what some of the students said...

‘Life savers was a useful, interesting, course that helped us all. I now know what to do if someone faints or chokes.’

Saif, 6 Shakespeare

‘The life savers were brilliant because they showed us something that could have saved someone’s life. We learnt many things like how to do CPR and how to do the recovery position. At the end, I was out of words – it was that good!’

Rehan, 6 Shakespeare

‘It was an enlightening experience to learn about how to correctly perform CPR and how hard it actually is. It was a subject I never really considered thinking about. Overall, it was a very nice experience.’ 

Ruwayda, 6 Zephaniah


The Samaritans visited Marlborough Primary School on 9th October 2018. In the morning, they delivered an assembly to the whole school focusing on who they were, what they do and how important their work is. The children were extremely confident in explaining the importance of discussing their feelings and knew who to turn to if they needed help. The Samaritans spent the rest of the day delivering workshops to all Year 4 classes. They delved deeper into who the Samaritans were, the services they provide and how they support people’s wellbeing. Additionally, they engaged the children with a story about worries. After, the children added their own worries to the worry box and discussed how to overcome these. The worry box has continued to be an integral part of everyday life at Marlborough, where the children communicate their worries with somebody they trust.

‘I learnt that if I have lots of worries, they will keep building up inside. Share them with anyone you trust.’

‘I learnt that the Samaritans are the people who help anyone when they are feeling sad or upset.’