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Inclusion (SEND & EAL)

Our Inclusion (SEND & EAL) Leader is Mrs Julie Fitzgerald. For any enquiries please email


The launch of our SEND Coffee Morning was a huge success with a great turnout of parents, both with SEND children and non-SEND children. We were joined by 2 outside agencies, that work in Harrow, SENDIAS and HP4DC.

We look forward to our next SEND Coffee Morning, where we would like to see more of our SEND Families. Thank you.

SEN School Offer

All children at Marlborough Primary School receive high quality teaching.  This means that a range of teaching and learning styles are used and that appropriate learning objectives and success criteria are set for all children against National Curriculum performance objectives matched to their needs.  All Early Years and Year Groups are supported by teaching assistants.  Pupils are also identified to benefit from additional one to one, small group or catch up initiatives where required.  Some children require additional support during playtimes and during the lunch hour.  Nurture groups further support individual children who need alternative provision within small group settings.

We are strategic in investing in whole school and targetted training for all staff, to ensure the inclusion and progress of all our children.  We monitor and evaluate the impact of all provisions, to ensure that the support provided is effective is as possible and supports children to feel a sense of achievement and continued determination.  If a child has high level difficulty when they join us, they may be considered to have special educational needs (SEN) and placed on the SEN register. Parents will be informed of this.

Schools and other agencies can help most children overcome their difficulties quickly and easily. But a few children will need extra help for some, or all of their time in school.  This means they may have difficulty with:

• some or all of the work in school
• reading, writing or mathematics
• understanding information
• expressing themselves
• understanding others
• organising themselves
• sensory perception or physical mobility
• managing their behaviour
• making friends or relating to adults

For a child with complex needs, the frequency of such provision may result in the school applying for additional funding to support them.

From September 2014, all children and young people from age 0-25, who have significant special educational needs will undergo an Education Health and Care (EHC) Assessment (unless their parents, carers or the young person opt out of the new system). This will lead to an EHC Plan. For children and young people who already have a Statement of SEN, the transfer of Statements into EHC Plans will be a gradual process.

Marlborough Primary School has a wheelchair accessible entrance. There is a lift to the second floor and wheelchair accessible toilets on every floor.  Depending on the needs of the child classrooms may be adapted with equipment (radio equipment for use with hearing aids, Visual aids for children with communication difficulties.) Tactile and large scale resources may be given to pupils with visual impairment. Staff may support pupils to enable them to eat and drink with their peers. Extra supervision of pupils with mobility problems may be organised to ensure they move safely.

Careful consideration is given to staffing for trips to ensure access to the curriculum and the pupil’s safety. All children at Marlborough Primary School are entitled to join clubs, and steps are taken to ensure that no child is excluded on the basis of their special educational needs and/or disability.

If you have a question, want to look around the school or perhaps you feel that your child’s needs are hard to meet and you want to discuss the matter in more depth, do not hesitate to contact us.  Below you can also download and/or save and read more information about Marlborough's SEN offer and disability accessibility plan.

Harrow Local Offer

The Harrow Council website has details of Harrow’s health, education, social care and leisure services and support for children and young people with special educational needs and those who are disabled. This is referred to as the “Local Offer” and provides:

  • One place to find information about the support available
  • Details about how to access services
  • Clear and easy to understand information

You can find this information at

Harrow Council is continuing to develop the Local Offer with parents, carers, children and young people, to make its services easier to find and understand. Let them know what you think at

Harrow Council also offers activities and short breaks for children and young people with disabilities. For information about these, please click this link