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Science Ambassadors

At Marlborough Primary School, we believe the teaching and learning of Science is key to understanding the world around us and to help prepare our children for the future. 

We have selected one Science Ambassador from each class of  (Year 1-6) to work closely with the Science Leader to encourage and share the love of science across the school​.

Their role will includes a number of duties:
To clearly explain what they have been learning in Science each term using scientific vocabulary and naming the skills they have learnt. This will be shared in termly meetings and it can be done through notes/photographs etc.
To help with the organisation of Science resources
To assist teachers in setting up their classroom for Science lessons
To assist visitors around the school and discuss Science in Marlborough Primary.
To take part in pupil voice (questionnaires about Science)
To feedback the thoughts and opinions of their class​ 

Our team of Science Ambassadors 2018-2019

Divyam – Banksy Class
Marwo – Warhol Class
Fatimah – Mitchell Class
Yusuf – Hockney Class
Yosr – Gaudi Class
Kesara – Dali Class
Bheeni – Gandhi Class
Dhruv – King Class
Rana – Mandela Class
Kashvi – Churchill Class
Ruthi – Lama Class
Anika – Lincoln Class
Nike – Pankhurst Class
Harshita – Auesten Class
Rahmat – Potter Class
Nazir – Blyton Class
Amogh – Zephaniah Class
Madalin – Dickens Class
Saif Ahmed – Shakespeare Class