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Year 6 become Life Savers!

Friday 23rd November 2018

Created by: Mr Michael Jefford

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A couple of weeks ago, Year 6 took part in a 'Little Life Savers' course, enabling them to gain an essential life skill, saving a life....

Below some of the Year 6's provide their recounts of the course, along with some pictures of them in action!

'The life savers were brilliant because they showed us something that could of saved someones life. We learnt many many things, like how to do CPR and how to do the recovery position. After the end of the life savers course, I was out of words. It was that good!'

Rehan - 6 Shakespeare

'When we went to the life savers workshop, we learnt many different skills, which might save someone's life one day. All of these skills were much more complicated than you might think.

Abby - 6 Shakespeare

'Before I met little life savers, I didn't know much about CPR. However, when they came to our school, I learnt alot about saving lives. I recommend this to everyone since this is an important skill. This session gave us 5 steps on how to save someone when they're choking. All tips were very useful and important.'

Miriam M - 6 Zephaniah

'Life savers really taught me alot about saving a persons life. It taught me upwards thrusts, and chest compressions. It taught my class a few steps to save a persons life in a specific order. First you check if your surroundings are safe, then call for help, and tell them your address. Then try to do back blows on the person, then upwards thrusts and the food might come out.'

AJ - 6 Zephaniah

'Life savers was a useful, interesting course that helped us all. I now know what to do if someone faints or chokes.'

Saif - 6 Shakespeare

'The little life savers workshop was a really fantastic informative experience. We learnt chest compressions, upwards thrust and back blows. They were very helpful and important. We had a lovely time and would hope to take a session like this again'.

Ruth - 6 Zephaniah

'The little life savers lesson was very informative and useful. Thanks to them, we now have skills of life saving. Thank you Life Savers for teaching us CPR - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.'

Pranav - 6 Zephaniah


View images from this article