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Year 5 Welcome Wednesday

Wednesday 15th May 2019

Created by: Mr Michael Jefford

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On Wednesday 1st May, Year 5 hosted their termly Welcome Wednesday event for parents. This term, we decided to show off their children's inner artist as we explored the skills required to create a monochrome painting.

The children were really enthusiastic about sharing this side of their learning and the parents were impressed with how developed their artistic techniques are within the classroom. 

Below are some comments from the parents who attended:

"I really enjoyed learning how the teacher managed behaviour and different levels of understanding within the class!"

"The technique the teacher is using to introduce a topic is great, the teacher asks questions and gets students to try to think and challenges them before she gives the answers."

"I was able to involve with my child and see how he works with his peers. Really appreciate the amount of effort by the teacher to help understand things."

Thank You to all our parents who attended the session this term. It was our pleasure to have you in the classroom with us.

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