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Year 5 Trip To Kew Gardens

Monday 11th June 2018

Created by: Mr Michael Jefford

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Just before half term Year 5 travelled by train to Kew Gardens.

As part of their literacy topic the children are reading ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’ and so to enhance the children's understanding of the countryside described in the book they visited Kew.

Year 5 had a fantastic time exploring the gardens as well as learning about a wide variety of plants which will help them better relate to the book.

Check out some pupil accounts of the day, below!

A Lovely Nature Outing

Hi guys! Have you been out walking in nature? Well if you haven't then hear about these wonderful Year 5s who have been exploring in nature!  They have been looking at different types of plants, hanging out with geese, seeing colourful fish swim, visiting the bee hive and seeing bugs (the most important part of nature).  The Year 5s set off for exploring nature on 24 May 2018.

If you have to go to Kew Gardens then you would obviously need to take two trains!  That is what the Year 5s did, but as a result they were tired and floppy when they  finished their wonderful trip.

They also had lunch in the outside, wild nature.  Some people would like to sit on the benches and some people on the grass (along with creepy crawlies). One of the flowers they saw was the “Alstroemeria”.  The Alstroemeria’s colour is Summer Gold, but it’s actually Indian Summer.  Well that must have been a wonderful trip and the Year 5s probably would also have enjoyed it.  Bye, see you later!

Vaishnavi, Austen Class


A Mind-blowing Trip

On Thursday 24 May 2018 the Year 5s had visited Kew Gardens as they were starting a new topic called ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’. The children had travelled to Kew Gardens by train since the weather was not the best.

Most of the children who went on the trip mentioned that it was a great experience and they learned a lot of new plants.  The staff also explained this trip would allow the children’s imagination to flow and it will have a great impact in their writing.

Alisha, Austen Class



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