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Year 4 Science

Monday 21st January 2019

Created by: Mr Michael Jefford

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In Science, we’ve been learning about electricity over the last week. Last week, we made a circuit and learned to draw a scientific diagram of a circuit. We built an electrical circuit using various components which included: wires, cell (battery or power supply), a light bulb and a switch. The electrical circuit we made was complete. This is how you can make a complete electrical circuit. Make sure the wires are all connected to the negative and positive ends of the battery, the switch and the light bulb. For an incomplete circuit, there will be gaps in the circuit and the wires won’t be attached to the positive and negative ends of the power supply.

Dhruv - 4 Mandela


Last week in Science, I had a lot of fun making a circuit. I made a circuit with a battery, wires, light bulb and a switch. I did fail once or twice but I persevered and eventually succeeded.

Raagith - 4 Lincoln