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Art & Design @ Marlborough

Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Created by: Mr Michael Jefford

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Year 3 have been exploring different European artists

We went under the table to explore Michael Angelo’s style of art.

ONS:"I enjoyed drawing it from another angle and using pastels. When we created a house using shapes, we used rulers to draw the shapes then we used pastels to decorate our designs. Michael Angelo is the only artist that draws upside down."

Javaria: "I enjoyed drawing under the table and I worked with my partner to draw a hamster. It was hard to draw it because we were upside down. When I made my house I enjoyed designing the house and using pastels. We also made a portrait using an eraser. This was interesting because we used rubbing as a technique to create the lines and shapes of the face."

Iyanna, Elma, Amina in year 3 had so much fun creating their Victorian top hats

Iyanna: "I enjoyed decorating my hat because it was really fun and I got to share my materials with my friends. One part was challenging which was drawing the circle of the top hat. The cylinder part which is the middle bit kept wobbling so it was hard to trace the circle for the top part."

Elma: "My favourite part was when we had to check if the middle part would fit our heads and our friends got to help us. The most trickiest part was using the PVA glue, it was so wet so we had to wait for it to dry."

Amina: "I enjoyed the bit where we got to decorate the hats. I used ribbons, flowers and feathers to decorate. We shared the materials with our friends. The trickiest part was to trace the cylinder part."

We learnt that we have to wait for PVA glue to dry for the materials to stick.

We also learnt that we can’t cut staples because the hat will fall apart. We learnt about the structure of a top hat using paper.

Happy Easter from Year 1

We have been really creative making our chocolate shreddies birds nest.

Scarlett: "I really enjoyed crunching the cereal to make it look like a nest."

Mashal: "I enjoyed using icing pens to decorate my nest."


View images from this article