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Year 1 explore Dr Seuss!

Monday 13th May 2019

Created by: Mr Michael Jefford

Oliver "I like Green eggs and ham because its great and easy to read!”

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In Literacy Year 1 have been exploring poetry. We really enjoyed reading a variety of Dr.Seuss books. Here is what we thought…

Thomas : “ one fish two fish red fish blue fish is good because it has lots of rhyming words and we shared reading one page each.”

Scarlett: “I like the rhyming words and it is fun to read.”

Sabreen: “ It was a nice book and it was colourful”.

Akira: “hop on pop is a good book because it is funny. It was funny when the characters bumped into each other”.

Aleeza “ I like Green eggs and Ham because the person who says “do you like green eggs and ham? is annoying” 

Oliver” I like Green eggs and ham because its great and easy to read!”

Banksy channel their 'inner poet' with some fantastic Dr. Seuss inspired poems.....

In Literacy Year 1 have been planning and writing their own Dr Seuss poems. 

We have made our own There's a wocket in my pocket!

Robert 1 Banksy
Did you ever feel there is a stocket in your rocket?
And I think they are nice in my house with a bink in my sink
Something are hidden somewhere and one is a ped in my shed
And a med in my bed
And a soilet in my toilet
And a misket in a biscuit

Kacper 1 Banksy
Did you ever have the feeling there is a zaloon in the balloon?
Or a chore in your door?
Or a thike on your bike?
Sometimes I feel quite certain there is a soat on your boat
And a chot in the pot
I have talked to myself that’s the kind of house I live in
There’s a sountain on a mountain
And a miser on a scissor
And they’re rather great
I think some of them are thoughtful
Like a laint on the paint
But that scrab on a crab
Some are friendly some are not

Sadiya 1 Banksy 
Is there a woket in my pocket?
Time to press the button on the mutton
I am wearing a sumper on a jumper
Do I have a window on top of the bindow?
There is a smeedle in my needle



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