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Whole School Trip to Southend

Wednesday 20th September 2017

Created by: Mrs D. Byron

"Our class had lots of fun, we made sand castles and played and laughed. It was well organised and it felt safe. We ate ice cream and made memories. The sun even came out!" M. Jolly, Friend of Marlborough, (FoM).

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On Wednesday 20th September 2017 Marlborough Primary School travelled down to Southend on Sea to celebrate Marlborough Primary School's 50th Anniversary.

Chidlren attended school earlier than usual.  Arriving at 7.30am to board one of the fourteen coaches which transported us to the seaside.  We were lucky to have over 50 parents and carers to support us in making our plans a possibility.

When children arrived they enjoyed playng on the sand, collecting seashells, eating ice cream (it was a special treat day after all), racing along the beach and participating in the English, Maths and Sciene linked teaching and learning activities their classes teachers had been busy planning.

Children, staff, parents and carers had a FANTASTIC day and enjoyed being together outside of our school setting for a momentus day of celebration and fun.

A special thanks to our Core Subject Leaders Mrs Khilji, Miss McConway and Miss Gold, for supporting teachers in planning curriculum learning linked to both national curriculum objectives, performance objectives for each year group and core skills learning in English Mathematics and Science.

Other special thanks to all the parents and carers who supported us on the day and to Ms Potter and Mrs Hamdouche for organising the whole event.

Here's to another 50 years of Magic at Marlborough!

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Marlborough's 50th Anniversary Seaside C...

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