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Year 1 take on Scooter Training

Wednesday 1st May 2019

Created by: Mr Michael Jefford

I enjoyed learning how to ride the scooter by kneeling - Raihaana

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Year one had the exciting experience to be involved with scooter training.

We looked at different types of scooters and we all got to have a go.

We learnt how to be safe and use the features of a scooter. We practiced using the breaks and the steering handle we even got to try out some tricks. In the garden  We had a talk about how to be safe on the pavement and to always be with a trusted adult.

The scooter training was a fun start to our day and a great way to keep fit.

Now we are super scooter smart.

Kian “ it was so fun because we got to go fast and learn about riding a scooter.

Thomas “ at the end of the pavement is a road and you have to stop and look left and right”

Olivia “ you have to wait for your grown up”

Akira” I liked when we kicked our leg up because it was fun and it looked cool”

Raihaana “ I enjoyed learning how to ride the scooter by kneeling “


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