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Science Week 2019

Thursday 20th June 2019

Created by: Mr Michael Jefford

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During our Science Week, we had the opportunity of attending  an animal workshop by Zoolab. We thoroughly enjoyed our sessions with different animals. 

Check out some  of our pics!

Here are some pupil comments!

I really enjoyed the Zoolab because we saw different animals. All the year groups had the experience of seeing and touching them as well. My favourite animal was the snake.
Prisha- 5 Blyton 

The animal workshop was very exciting because we had the opportunity to touch scary and rare animals. We also learnt about their habitats and various characteristics. It was an amazing experience!
Nysa- 5 Austen

Being in the Science Workshop, made me happy because I love to observe and touch animals. I touched the African Snail. There were many animals and I loved learning about them especially  the ​cockroaches, which are amazing survivors. In future, I would like to be involved with animals.
Leon- 5 Austen

Our Science Week started with an inspiring and motivating assembly done by a STEM Ambassador called, Dr Helen Meekings. As a parent to one of our students, she showed how parental engagement plays an important part in pupil's learning.

Being an engineer by profession, she not only showed how different aspects of engineering are linked to Science but also shared her contributions with the whole school. It was a great learning EXPERIENCE!

Here are few quotes by some students:

We enjoyed when the engineer explained how she made the roads. We also enjoyed when we got to try the helmet.
Aleeza 1 Banksy

I found that there are different engineers like computer engineers.
Yusuf 1 Banksy

The thing I liked about the assembly was that I didn’t know anything about Engineering but then I learnt about all types of Engineering.
Neha 3 King

The STEM Ambassador assembly was really inspiring and it made me kind of want to become an engineer. I also enjoyed when she told us about different places she went to.
Rwuayda 6 Zephaniah

I liked it when she helped the  people who needed help.
Anika 4 Lincoln

I enjoyed the part when she showed how water is cleaned and shared her work gear with everyone. I thought it was useful because people didn't know that Art, Maths and Science could be related.
Miriam  6 Zephaniah

18th June 2019 -

For science week and our Mission to Mars.....Banksy class have been really busy in making their astronautht costumes. We are ready to board our rockets and do some super space learning. 

Check out the attached pictures!

19th June 2019 -

Our second day of the Science Week was all about dressing up as astronauts and space explorers.

Check out our cool pics from 5 Austen!



View images from this article