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Cultural Diversity Week

Tuesday 9th July 2019

Created by: Mr Michael Jefford

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Priyal, Natsuki, Sabreen and Ibrahim have been super creative and have been chosen to have their poems published in a book called Poetry patrol 2019-Middlesex showcasing young writers work. the poems were selected for creativity.

Miss Fernando is super duper proud of her creative writers and can not wait to see the published poems!


On Tuesday we made dad of the dead skull designs and transformed them into necklaces. 

On Wednesday we made African Maasai paper plate necklaces. We even challenged ourselves to add beading to our colourful pieces of jewellery. 


Gabi 5 Potter: On Wednesday we did Mandala art. We drew the outline of the animals and we did the Mandala inside. 

Julia 5 Potter: I liked when we did Mandala and used oil pastels. I also liked drawing the outline of the animals. The new thing that I learnt was different types of Mandala art, that was interesting. 

Year 1 have been fashion designers and made Tye dye T-shirts to celebrate Asia day . We celebrated African Art by making foil animal sculptures. 

1 Banksy 

Elliyah: I enjoyed being creative it was so fun. 

Sarah: I enjoyed making my African necklaces, braclets and rings,

Anvi: I enjoyed making the African necklace because it was nice to make them and I never knew you could use a paper plate for it. My teacher also taught us Spanish and i enjoyed speaking Spanish in class. 

Robert: I enjoyed making the foil art because it was challenging but cool

Asma: I liked making my own Tye dye T-shirt it was so colourful 

Aabid : I enjoyed making the necklaces because they were fun and arty


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