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Thursday 20th June 2019

Created by: Mr Michael Jefford

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​Marlborough Primary School are pleased to announce that every pupil in the Brilliant Club has passed with flying colours! Their final assignments were submitted on Tuesday 18th June and they received their results today.

Out of all 12 pupils, two were awarded a 1st class degree which is the highest mark you can receive! We are so proud of every pupil who took part - you have worked extremely hard and you should be pleased with your results.

Thank you once again to the parents for your support at home. They would not have been able to have achieved the success they did without your support!

We would also like to thank our PhD tutor Paula Kaanders for your amazing work with the pupils during their tutorials. Again, they would not have been able to have achieved such success without your support and direction.

Well done Year 6!

12 pupils across Year 6 have been fortunate enough to take part in a scholarship programme called 'The Brilliant Club' which aims to promote further education. They went on a trip to Reading University just before Easter and have had in-school tutorials with a PhD tutor over the course of the Summer term.

The topic of their project was 'Statistics' where they learnt how to collect data about a topic and analyse it successfully through finding the mean, median and range. Learning about new concepts like bias, validity and reliability has had a huge impact on their ability to effectively scrutinise data, especially during Maths lessons. 

All 12 pupils have been hard at work completing their assignments based on the following 2 proposals...

·         Proposal one: Improve equipment at the play parks which currently have broken pieces.

·         Proposal two: The creation of paved walking paths along scenic areas instead of the current worn dirt paths.​

Their assignment consisted of having to generate a survey of 10 questions that they would hypothetically ask the public in order to find out whether or not the would prefer proposal 1 or proposal 2.

Once they had generated their survey questions, they then had to explain why each question was important, what sort of information it would give them and how the Local Authority would use it to support them in the decision of which proposal to move forward with. In addition to this, they had to explain how they would represent the data and analyse it.

Completing this assignment and experiencing what university-style tutorials are like has enabled the Year 6 pupils to develop their essay-writing skills and confidence in writing a thesis on a particular topic.

They have learnt how to be analytical and strategic in the way that they write and hopefully this has given them the confidence to move forward into Secondary School!

Well done to everyone who has taken part and thank you to the parents for supporting their children at home with their assignments.


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