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Leading Parent Partnership

Working with External Partners: Leading Parent Partnership Award, (LPPA)

Marlborough Primary School achieved the Leading Parent Partnership Award in June 2019.  The purpose of this nationally recognised award is to help focus the school’s work with parents and families. 

During this process we hope to build on the many strengths the school already has with parents.  We want to provide opportunities for parents to have a voice in everyday school life.  At Marlborough Primary School we want to do everything we possibly can to help parents and families support their children.

What is the Award?

The LPPA consists of eight evidence-based Objectives which schools must meet to get the award.

Objective 1: The school demonstrates a commitment to work towards achieving the LPPA
Objective 2: The school makes and implements effective plans to achieve and maintain the LPPA
Objective 3: The school is a welcoming, communicative and friendly place for parents
Objective 4: The school promotes the awareness and participation of all groups of parents in supporting their children’s learning and developing their own learning. In addition, the school holds and actively promotes a programme of opportunities and events for joint parent and child participation
Objective 5: The school provides a good induction for all new parents
Objective 6: The school provides parents with relevant and user-friendly guidance and information to help them to support their children’s learning
Objective 7: The school produces and implements parent-friendly policies to establish effective home–school links and to improve children’s attendance, punctuality, progress and positive participation in school
Objective 8: The school provides good support for all parents as their children move through or leave the school
Objective 9: The school summarises its achievements against the LPPA Objectives and outlines its future plans

The LPPA is a nationally recognised award achievable by schools who work very closely with the families of their pupils.  The assessment is made by an external advisor.

What difference will the award make to the work done with families at Marlborough Primary School?

It will make our work with families even better.  
It will improve our communication and build more activities for families in school.  
As you know, we are always trying to improve and completing this award will help us do that! 

How can families help us improve parental engagement and gain the award?

  • Read all information that we send out
  • Come along to events we organise if you are able
  • Come and speak with us directly if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions – information shared via unofficial school social media sites e.g. Whatsapp, do not always contain accurate information, are not supervised or accessed by Marlborough staff, and therefore do little to help us to improve communication, partnerships or develop as a school community and improve provision
  • Complete any questionnaires we send out as honestly as you can
  • Consider giving up a small amount of your time to join the LPPA working party

How can our External Partners help us improve parental engagement and gain the award?

  • Work with us to benchmark our parent partnerships against LPPA criteria
  • Identify areas for development and work with us to drive actions to improve our communication with and support for parents and carers
  • Identify areas for development and work with us to drive actions to extend and widen family learning opportunities and engagement from parents and carers
  • Identify areas for development and work with us to heighten standards and achievement amongst our children and wider school community